The woman behind your next beauty destination: The shit has to work



Even though we sell a certain brand, we don’t always sell all their products. This is based on my belief, that you cannot be the best in everything



It is firmly established that female founders and entrepreneurs (and women in general, not to forget) are kicking ass and taking names but not any shit. And this is also the case for Hildur Ársælsdóttir, the woman behind online beauty destination, Skin & Goods. 


In an effortless blend worthy of a night out (look at me using beauty terms), Skin & Goods is a one-stop nirvana for all things beauty, mixing insider interviews with hand-picked (and tested) products to ensure that even the most uninitiated beauty newbies (I.e me) can get products that actually work.


We don’t care about trends, we just want to provide our readers with badass products that actually work


The Whoman Journal sat down with the main woman in charge to get an inside look at the new platform, what she learned about opening her own business in a market as big as the beauty industry and what five products we need to get that “I’m not even lying; I don’t have any makeup on!” look.







Give us the elevator pitch for Skin & Goods: What is it and why did you want to create a platform like this? 

Skin & Goods is a European beauty destination for the busy beauty on the go. In those few brief moments during an otherwise busy day, where you want to get updated on your topics of choice, the last thing you want to do is to spend precious minutes having to scroll through adverts and close pop-ups only to realize that what the headline read was just yet another bait to get you tangled in a web of links, without any sort of real content and/or value. We are not passing judgement on a whole industry of content providers, nor are we claiming to be best in class. What we try to do is to create and develop an educational platform that will provide you with some high-value content on the topic of BEAUTY from experts in the industry, with real experience. Be it a comment on the leading trends, interviews with the key heads of the trade or detailed tips and tricks on personal use of products.


We have a mission, not only to cover the new product launches but to give you the insights, the in-depth knowledge and the industry’s dirty secrets. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty industry, and I’ve devoted my life to it. Growing up in the industry I’ve seen the do’s and dont’s, and I’ve evolved and learned more than I’ve ever thought about the consumer. With a 360 degree in everything that touches the world of beauty, I’ve felt the desire to educate and offer women a real view of the industry from an insider.







You cannot be the best in everything



How do Skin & Goods differentiate from other beauty platforms?

The main difference would have to be the educational content we want our audience to get. We have designed an educational platform that is completely free of charge, with masterclasses on your topic of choice in the world of beauty. Another big differentiator is that all products sold on the platform are tested and approved by me, and have to live up to our ridiculous standards “this sh$t has to work”.


We test brands, but we approve products. This means that even though we sell a certain brand, we don’t always sell all their products. This is based on my belief, that you cannot be the best in everything. 







The beauty industry is brutal with big players taking over the market. What have you learned professionally and personally by opening a site like Skin & Goods? 

Professionally it’s all about marketing. And trust me, I love a good marketing story. But the consumer today is smart. They are informed, and they don’t want to be told a lie. They can look up everything on their smartphone, so big, fat marketing stories don’t work any more. That being said, I’m obsessed with branding. And even though marketing and branding are related, to me there is a big difference. Skin & Goods is a beauty and lifestyle destination. You want to be associated with our platform. We are artsy, sexy, provocative. We are nothing you need, but everything you want. Delivered in beautiful packaging, that is so pretty (and expensive) that you feel like a queen every time you receive your order. 








Us Scandinavian ladies don’t want to look like we are wearing makeup – what five products would you recommend for that Scandi-effortless-no-time-spent look? 

I absolutely love the Scandinavian no-make-up look, as with all respect, it’s one of the hardest to make. As a mother of two small kids, and manager of her own company, I, of course, have handpicked some products that are easy to use, multi-tasking and finger-friendly. These would be my top picks for an effortless Scandinavian beauty look.





Votary Super Seed Cleanser
To gently remove all traces of the day, SPF, makeup and dirt (even waterproof mascara) This cleanser is filled with nourishing, skin-good ingredients that leave your skin feeling beautifully clean, soft, soothed and fed.



Nuori Vital Facial Cream
For the first signs of aging, it helps prevent and protect your skin from environmental damage. Filled with antioxidants and formulated with hyaluronic acid, known for its powerful hydration action This is a multitasker you can use day and night.


Nuori Vital Unifier
For the busy beauty on the go. A must-have product that combines the actions of a toner, essence and mist into one. Can also be used throughout the day, as a refreshing mist and a makeup fixer.



Jillian Dempsey Cheek tint in petal
Blush is back, so go for a beautiful, natural and healthy look. This cheek tint is velvety and

 vegan, formulated with natural organic plant waxes to moisture your skin. This colour is the perfect choice for Scandinavian, light and medium skin tones




Jillian Dempsey Gold sculpting bar
Last, but not least is a game-changing product. This is a 24K gold, vibrating face bar from Jillian Dempsey. I know it sounds odd, but bear with me; it works. Every time I remember to use it, people ask me if I have gotten something done. Even my own mom asked me if I had gotten botox. This tool lifts, tones, and firms your skin instantly. Only 5-10 minutes of skin vibrations every day. Trust me, you will thank me later.










What next beauty trend will we see? 

I do not spend to much time on trends. But I do see a shift into some serious skincare again. For the last few years, it´s been all about makeup. The makeup industry has grown with the social media-driven brands like Urban Decay, NYX and Milk to name a few. The millennials have been obsessed with instant looks, growing up with face tune and filters. Not wanting to spend money on skincare, as it usually takes longer time work. We can see that this is now changing. If you delay taking care of your skin, the wrinkles will catch up with you. The rule of thumb is to start young and prevent. It´s all about prevention. So the millennials are spending some serious money on skincare at the moment and this is spreading. The serious skincare category has started to boom again.




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