Monki and Mental Health Europe want you to feel

I believe that fashion can’t be – or at least shouldn’t be – created in a vacuum. It has to look out and embrace the society around it



For the second time the famous high street brand Monki is presenting a collection made in collaboration with Mental Health Europe. With the mission to improve the mental health of young people, they have created a campaign hoping to validate all the feelings you might have. Sadness, joy, confusion, everything at once.



Or just a feeling of emptiness in that trendy shade of millennial frustration.



The collection features four limited edition tees telling us to embrace your feels and a longer manifesto hoping to support self-care and open up to conversations about mental health that otherwise might be viewed at stigma. And I am a fan.


My support for high street brands has dwindled over the past years due to many other reasons, but this campaign touches on a subject close to my heart. And in a believable and embracing way. The campaign suits Monki and their youthful ways and I applaud the idea of fashion brands taking a stand on the mental health issues of young people.



As they are largely – amongst many others – contributing to the issue





We can’t shy away from the notion that the fashion industry and associated industries affects the self-image and health of teens. Therefore this collection between Monki and Mental Health Europe seems important. Important and forward thinking.


By all means, Monki is not the first brand to enter the area, but non the less I truly enjoy it. I believe that fashion can’t be – or at least shouldn’t be – created in a vacuum. It has to look out and embrace the society around it, comment on it, influence it, change it and respect it. Anything else is – in my opinion – nothing more than tone deaf creations.



“Empowering young women is at the core of everything we do at Monki. We are very proud to continue our collaboration with Mental Health Europe, and hope to encourage our community to express themselves and their feelings without fear.” Jennie Dahlin Hansson, Managing Director, Monki.



Together with the collection, Monki and Mental Health Europe has launched a site with signs of mental health issues, tips on what to do and guidance to get help where you are located. This might not be the solution to end all mental health issues amongst youngsters, but it is a step. There are still many other issues in the fashion industry that are not tackled in this collection, but it does more than many other high street creations.


And that makes me feel good.


The collection is available online and in Monki stores.




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