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Kiri-Una and The #GoldenDerriere

Inspired by popular culture and the meeting with technology, the young artist Kiri-Una creates conceptual pieces that invites the user to interact and question. And there is also a big, golden ass. 


The Whoman Journal sat down with the creator of Instagram-phenomenon #GoldenDerriere to chat about her inspiration, the idea behind the art and her latest work: Cadeira & A Self Portrait 


Kiri-Una Brito Meumann grew up knowing she wanted to do something in the creative genre. It began in fashion, but slowly developed into the creation of art.

It all started in high school, when I realised I could actually be good at making artwork even if I wasn’t necessarily good at drawing or painting,” says the young artist, who was inspired by her father: An industrial designer, who taught Kiri-Una about the design process. Which she later applied to the making of her own works. 


“I am inspired by anything around me. A lot of my work thus far has been about the use of social media in art. I am someone who uses social media a lot, and I have noticed that how people interact with art has changed so much. The #GoldenDerriere particularly speaks to that and also my latest work A Self Portrait & Cadeira.”




“In a way every photo that is taken with it is an artwork in itself.”


With The #GoldenDerriere sculpture, Kiri-Una wished to speak to the way female bodies are glorified today. And which female bodies are glorified. But most importantly the artwork became a tale of popular culture, and the viewer were encouraged to interact with the piece in the same way they would popular culture. Via the hashtag and Instagram profile #GoldenDerriere, Kiri-Una urged people to embrace their own creative process.


“In a way every photo that is taken with it is an artwork in itself. You can see people’s creativity in how they use the work to take their photo. I really liked this about this artwork and it was so good to see people enjoying it too!”




“It fascinates me how differently we humans are becoming with technology and I think making artwork that talks about this is important.”


Cadeira & A self portrait is the title of Kiri-Una’s latest work; A glass cube with a chair centered inside. When you sit inside the piece, you can view yourself in infinity, but nothing outside of the box, while the people outside can see the person clearly. The perspective changes with a light and soundscape turning on and off – one moment allowing the person inside to see the surroundings outside the box, the next capturing them alone inside the box once more. 


“This work really came from an interest of mine to see how we are interacting with things today through our phones and other media devices. The piece exhibits the person inside and puts them on display; we can see exactly how they engage with themselves when confronted with their reflection, while also knowing that they can be seen by everyone outside, but not being able to see them until the light switch happens,” the artist explains when asked about the idea behind Cadeira & A self portrait. 


“Whilst Cadeira & A self portrait was on display, it was fascinating seeing how people felt inside. Being able to view someone inside a cube with only their own reflection is fascinating to me. Some people felt calm and meditative inside, others felt anxious and stressed. This was really interesting to see and is exactly what I want the work to do. Evoke an experience with the self,” Kiri-Una. 




“I am not trying to critique this as I 100% do it myself. I am just making work that exhibits this behaviour.”


“There are artworks today that never intended to become famous for selfies. For example Yayoi Kusama’s infinity rooms. But because of the social media driven time we live in, they become these selfie havens for people to line up for hours and take selfies. I am not trying to critique this as I 100% do it myself. I am just making work that exhibits this behaviour,” Kiri-Una explains when asked about the passion behind integrating social media in her artwork. 





The #GoldenDerriere is coming to Stockholm soon. This time in silver


Social media and selfie culture isn’t just a part of the artwork by Kiri-Una. With around 19k followers on Instagram, she invites us to follow her in many different aspects of her life. Creation of art, fashion, travel and selfies. Differing from many other artists, Kiri-Una seems to embrace the often scolded act of taking part in popular culture via social media and selfies.


“It is something that just kind of felt natural. When Instagram first came out, I just posted things I liked and myself. Also posting progress and images of my artwork. I just kept doing that and that is still what I post today. It takes a long time for me to make one piece of artwork, so I didn’t see the point in having a separate Instagram just for that. I would hardly ever post new works if that was the case! So I just kept them both combined. I love fashion and art and architecture and design and travel, so I just keeps it all in one place. 

Also my love of fashion takes up the time in-between artworks!



If you are interested in viewing the work of Kiri-Una in real life, The #GoldenDerriere is coming to Stockholm soon. This time in silver. “I am working on finding the right space to display a number of artworks, so stay tuned,” says Kiri-Una on the future of more exhibitions. 





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