How the suit dresses when it is out of office for the holidays

As most people during the holidays, the suit is out of office and has embraced it’s undying love for athleisure. The Whoman Journal caught the love affair on camera to inspire you to wear your suit in a new way.


You know the colleague from work who always looks kind of conservative during work hours? Then one day you saw her out of office and she was rocking a pair of hella heavy Eytys sneakers, a chunky Prada sweater and a right-on-point bomber jacket, and she looked amazing. I feel like this is also the case for the suit. It has for so many years been categorized as the boring goodie two-shoes who is left behind filling out HR forms when the tracksuit and faux fur coat is going out to get a drink at that new cool cocktail place in town.


But for the past many seasons a revolution has commenced with brands, designers and street stylers encouraging us to not only wear the suit as young, fashion interested folk, but also wearing it in a new and different way.


the whoman journal suit

Set Collect23. Coat & roller Hummel | Blouse Hummel. Blazer Acne. Coat Jacquemus. Earrrings H&M


Off-white suggests adding a pair of suit pants gone bike shorts and a fanny pack. Miu Miu proposes for us to loose the pants all in all. Gabriele Colangelo thinks we should wear pants AND a skirt to our tie-dye ensemble. And finally: Jil Sander and Acne Studios wants us to turn the suit trend around by…. literally turning the suit around.


At The Whoman Journal we are fans. Classic, redesigned, with a sporty twist or without pants. The matching two piece most famously introduced to the female wardrobe by Yves Saint Laurent is not only easy dressing, but also a power statement. A “I got it together” message streamed to the world. Even though we really haven’t got it together at all. And really: Who needs to, when you are wearing a suit?


suit the whoman journal

Suit Mfpen. Shirt Nue Notes. Bag Hummel.


Mix it up a bit and leave the people wondering: Is she going to a board meeting or the gym?


As you would embrace the Christmas spirit and gravy, embrace the contrasted look of adding sporty elements to your suit. Mix it up a bit and leave the people wondering: Is she going to a board meeting or the gym? They will never know! Layers upon layers, a pair of chunky dad sneakers and a vintage suit, and you are ready to go get drinks with that really cool tracksuit and faux fur coat.

The drinks are on us.


the whoman journal suit

Blazer Joseph. Roller Hummel. Pants & shirt vintage | Blazer Collect23. Blouse Hummel. Earrrings H&M. Pants vintage.



Photographer: Olivia Rohde
Stylist: Sille Eyser Overgaard Sørensen & Julie Blichfeld 
Models: Stine Mo & Yasmin Medina
Makeup: Stephanie Pferiffer


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