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Fem minutter med: Sylvie Mus

Har du fem minutter?

Jeg bruger meget tid på Instagram. Ekstremt meget tid. Hold da op, går du aldrig på arbejde eller sover? meget tid. Men på trods af denne absurde mængde af timer spenderet i æstetikkens verden med alle mine virtuelle bekendtskaber, er det som om, at jeg alligevel aldrig rigtig lærer nogen af dem at kende. Hvad brænder de for? Hvem er de? Bruger de lige så meget tid på Instagram og Farm Heroes Saga som jeg?
For at give modspil til disse flygtige online stunder har The Whoman Journal valgt at række ud til nogle af de – i vores øjne – mest inspirerende individer, vi har kunne finde på Instagram. For lige at bruge fem minutter med dem.


Sylvie Mus er originalt fra Rwanda og arbejder nu som stylist i Helsinki. Vi brugte fem minutter på at tale lidt om, hvad personlig stil betyder for hende, hvordan 90’erne er en evig inspirationskilde og hvorfor modstand mod forandring er noget af det, der skuffer hende mest ved modebranchen lige nu.


Personal expression and fashion is so much more than just fabric and glittery earrings: What does style and fashion mean to you? Which feelings are related to your personal style?

“I’ve always had a really strong relationship with style and fashion ever since I can remember. The journey to find my own personal style has been an interesting one. It started when I was a child attending a school where uniforms were mandatory. This resulted in anxiety and a strong need to stand out from everyone else.


So basically when I got the chance, I would wear really crazy things just to stand out. I think I started developing taste when I was introduced to ‘FashionTV’. I was watching all the fashion shows religiously and I remember being so fascinated when I realized that there’s a whole industry based on clothing. So with my parents encouragement I started modeling at the age of 14. However I felt like I couldn’t express my own creativity as a model, so decided that I would become a designer and I started making my own clothes for me and my friends at home (which I wouldn’t wear now!) After a while I decided to start a fashion blog as a place to share my own style and the things I liked about fashion. I did this for about 3 years and then realized that writing a blog wasn’t my thing so I moved on to work as a stylist, which had been my goal for years. So for me fashion feels essential because it’s given me a place where I get to express myself and be creative.”


I think my style can easily go from Biggie Smalls to Carolyn Bassette Kennedy depending on my mood.


You are extremely talented at working with the contrast between style elements and items typically identified as feminine and items identified as more masculine. What is your thought process when creating your looks?
“There are a couple of things I think about when I’m creating my looks. I have a really deep love for the 90’s so my style is usually a reference to that. I don’t think I have a specific style. My style can easily go from Biggie Smalls to Carolyn Bassette Kennedy depending on my mood. However I do prefer to wear neutral colors. I love mixing in menswear because it looks super cool and I always feel the most confident in it. I also like to prioritize comfort when choosing what to wear. The one thing I always avoid is clothing that I have to keep adjusting or fixing. Practicality also plays a role in my style. During the colder months in Finland, your style gets challenged and layering is not really optional. So you kinda have to learn how to perfect it.”



Please tell us about some of the movements/collections in fashion that you are most excited about and what you are most disappointed about.
“One of the things that I’m most excited about in fashion right now is this wave of new emerging designers and talents. Also some of the smaller fashion weeks are starting to really catch my eye. For example fashion week in Tbilisi! I love the new energy and freedom these less known designers have, and the obvious lack of commercial pressure which I think is the reason they’re producing such creative and inspiring collections!


The thing that disappoints me in fashion at the moment is the aversion to change. I think most of us would agree that certain recent designer changes feel like huge mistakes, but at the same time change is what keep things interesting and it forces us to learn and do better.”

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