Career Club: “Our desire for equality demands that we take responsibility”



I hope that the 20s will be a time where we become so boss that we don’t just talk about the new bag we bought, but also the new stock we invested in



I think we can all pretty much agree that 2020 is so far not treating us the way we for a short second hoped it would. (Remember those like 10 minutes on January 1st, where everything seemed possible?). Pending world wars, the non surprising results of climate change, Brexit and now a virus spreading put a quick end to that. Luckily there are still small glimpses of light in the darkness that is a Trumpified society. Small glimpses and big drinks, which should still do the trick.


The Whoman Journal had the pleasure of speaking with one of those aforementioned lighthouses trying to keep us all together in this infant stage of the 20s. Entrepreneur and founder of PR agency Impression PR and the Busigirl podcast and community, Teresa Ask, will this month be hosting an event to empower women when it comes to career, investments and general bad-assery.


“Busigirl is a community created to inspire and motivate young career women and to give them the possibility to connect. It started two years ago as a podcast which grew and naturally evolved into a community. I needed a place to share my own experiences as a business girl, while inspiring by inviting interesting women to the studio.” says Ask







Women are each other’s worst critics



The event on March 21st will host business women from different areas, who will guide the listeners through talks and keynote speeches featuring subjects as  “How do you become a good networker”, “The importance of personal branding”, “How to get your dream job” and “How to find the courage to do a career shift”. When asked why an event and community like this is relevant, founder Terese Ask points to need for a place where women are encouraged to support each other. And their own dreams.


“We often see women, especially online, who are so fast to judge other women. Women are each other’s worst critics, but I do believe that we in our generation are good at supporting and lifting each other, when we get the chance. And I want to help create the right circumstances that encourages this, so even more women dare to achieve their dreams.”


The ambition of the event is to create a space filled with inspiration and motivation, and a place where people can get tools to use for their next career move, says founder Terese Ask. And it could seem like it is necessary. According to Terese Ask, these three issues are generally recurs in the conversations with her guests on her podcast.


“Number one is lack of confident. We see a lot of women dreaming about starting their own company or going for a specific position, but they don’t believe they good enough. And that it so frustrating. You will never learn, if you don’t get out of your comfort zone.





“Second is perfectionism and humility. This is when it comes to things like landing the dream job or making investments. Women are too humble, and we tend to only go for assignments or possibilities if we are completely sure that we will not fail. Men are more willing to take risks and have no issue with applying for the dream job even though they don’t have all the required talents or experience.”


Lastely Terese points to the fact that many women are seemingly still not taking full responsibility when it comes to things like investment and finances. Something that leaves us less off than we could be.


“This fall I spoke with multiple women about investment and why it is important that we start investing and taking responsibility for our finances. Studies show that women are really good at investing and handling finances in general – often better than men – when we actually start getting into it. I hope that the 20s will be a time where we become so boss that we don’t just talk about the new bag we bought, but also the new stock we invested in. Our desire for equality demands that we take responsibility.”



Find the full schedule for the Busigirl Career Club event and purchase tickets here.


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