Sille Eyser Overgaard Sørensen

The woman behind your next beauty destination: The shit has to work

We sat down with the main woman in charge to get an inside look at the new platform, what she learned about opening her own business in a market as big as the beauty industry and what five products we need to get that "I'm not even lying; I don't have any makeup on!" look. read more

Flatten the curve in style

Who said that you can’t stay home and break the chain while looking your best? Absolutely no one. And these ladies are here to prove it! read more

Quarantine guilt: When self-improvement makes you feel like shit

It shouldn’t actually come as much of a surprise that the online generation managed to make a world health crisis about self-improvement and identity questions but I was still caught off guard when I noticed I was feeling quite shitty.  read more

(maybe) Everything you ever wanted to ask a street style photographer

The Whoman Journal sat down with photographer Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir from The Streetland to get to the bottom of what really goes on behind closing camera shutters. read more

Fashion Work 1993—2018 25 Years of Art in Fashion: An interview with the author

In a comprehensive and great work of literature, art historian, critic, former editor at DANSK, current writer for i-D and editor for Wallet Jeppe Ugelvig dives deep into the cross-disciplinary work of some of the most forward thinking creatives of the 90s read more

Career Club: “Our desire for equality demands that we take responsibility”

I hope that the 20s will be a time where we become so boss that we don't just talk about the new bag we bought, but also the new stock we invested in read more

ART IN FASHION: Stockholm exhibition

The Art in Fashion exhibition shows us the beauty in creations made with a fluid understanding of, what art and fashion can be. read more

Is the golden touch of an influencer actually a black spot?

There is no doubt that fashion influencers are leaving their mark on the brand of fashion houses. But is it a golden mark or a slow burning, Kraken-alluring black spot? read more

70s space cowboy meets Breaking Bad fashionista

Handmade cowboy boots meet corduroy Playboy pants, leather suits and princess dresses. All in beautiful chaos and with the main narrative of a young cowboy from space read more

When diversity isn’t so: The ELLE Germany #blackisback issue

And now we’re on it again. With their "Black is back" magazine, ELLE Germany leaves us with more issues than just “the November issue”. It's pretty hard to point out anything they did right, actually. read more

I am really into the “fashion designer on Tuesday night dog walk” look

Redefining your style in your 20s is no laughing matter. It is a serious (and seemingly never-ending) quest into the deepest corners of yourself and how to convey this sartorially. read more

Did this season’s street style taste different?

Do I want every look to serve up color blocking, pattern play or a futuristic steampunk take on Anna Karenina? No. Absolutely not. Well, maybe a little bit. read more