70s space cowboy meets Breaking Bad fashionista

But, she is also somehow attending spring break (wuhu) in the early 00s


Handmade cowboy boots meet corduroy Playboy pants, leather suits and princess dresses. All in beautiful chaos and with the main narrative of a young cowboy from space (which is somehow both in the future, the 70s and in the era of nametag necklaces and Paris Hilton) visiting Copenhagen to create her own drug empire.

It’s a whole thing.



Photography Jannick Børlum for The Whoman Journal
MUA Rozelle Parry
Model Line Feder |  Unique Models
Stylist Sille Eyser
Graphics Johanna Ohlsson




snakey coat from Hosbjerg and cowboy hat from Lædersmeden.  brown leather coat from Gestuz and funky stockings from Tasha 




showpiece necklace from Inger Grubbe. silk dress from Collect23. dotted dress from Gestuz and killer boots by Lædersmeden. 



cowboy accessories from Lædersmeden. pink leather suit from Hosbjerg. 



sunglasses by Flatlist. bad ass suit by Inwear and cowboy goodies by Lædersmeden. 




Playboy polo from Soulland and denim shorts-ish from Gestuz. Boots are from Lædersmeden and so are the hat 




yellow leather shirt from Hosbjerg, Playboy pants from Soulland. blazer from Inwear necklace from Lædersmeden.



brown leather coat from Gestuz and funky stockings from Tasha. pink leather suit from Hosbjerg. 



suit from Inwear. prettiest dress by Hofmann Copenhagen.



the suit. by Inwear. hat from Lædersmeden. 



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