When diversity isn’t so: The ELLE Germany #blackisback issue

And now we’re on it again. With their "Black is back" magazine, ELLE Germany leaves us with more issues than just “the November issue”. It's pretty hard to point out anything they did right, actually. read more

I am really into the “fashion designer on Tuesday night dog walk” look

Redefining your style in your 20s is no laughing matter. It is a serious (and seemingly never-ending) quest into the deepest corners of yourself and how to convey this sartorially. read more

Did this season’s street style taste different?

Do I want every look to serve up color blocking, pattern play or a futuristic steampunk take on Anna Karenina? No. Absolutely not. Well, maybe a little bit. read more

Cubicle: a playground for digital creatives and slowness evangelists

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When diversity isn’t so: The ELLE Germany #blackisback issue