Flatten the curve in style

Who said that you can’t stay home and break the chain while looking your best? Absolutely no one. And these ladies are here to prove it! read more

Quarantine guilt: When self-improvement makes you feel like shit

It shouldn’t actually come as much of a surprise that the online generation managed to make a world health crisis about self-improvement and identity questions but I was still caught off guard when I noticed I was feeling quite shitty.  read more

Can we just rest? A guide to self-care during isolation in a global crisis

Self-care. That old chestnut. A term that is so pertinent to our current political climate, yet, very misunderstood. For me, self-care is about survival. It is about doing the things that will help you be a functional human being read more

Cubicle: a playground for digital creatives and slowness evangelists

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Flatten the curve in style